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In A Young Girl's Mind Hoyt Axton

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Hoyt Axton – In A Young Girl's Mind
    G                             C               G
1) Hand me my guitar    There's a song that I was singin'
           Em     D
When I was young     I had a hell of a time
 C          G  Em  C             D
Looking for love   in  the misty waters
       Em   D    C            Em    D      G
Of the seas that flow    in a young girl's mind.

    C       G           C         G
Only in shadows and lonely at night
    C            G                Em           D
She turns to you softly,      you turn off the light
                                C             G
You use her, abuse her, and you know it's not right
   Em            D            C
To treat one who loves you so badly
           Em        D             G               C
When she's doin' the best that she can,    And you know
         Em        D             G
That she doin' the best that she can.

                               C                 G
Do you believe in dreams?      Do you believe in dreamers?
                   Em     D
Hopin' that you'll find     what you're lookin' for
 C                G  Em    C                   D
You don't have to worry     There's a bright tomorrow
        Em    D    C             Em    D      G
In the dreams that roll     in a young girl's mind....

Repeat chorus then verse 1, adding "So (hand me my guitar)..."

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