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Bottle Hits The Floor Wulfers Ted

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Wulfers Ted – Bottle Hits The Floor
Ted Wulfers & Beggar's Bridge    www.tedwulfers.com

Bottle Hits The Floor
By Ted Wulfers
From the album, In The Spirit

Chords in this song

Bm E E13 D F# Riff: Bm E

Bm E Bm E
I don't know if I can trust the girl I thought I knew
Bm E
And I don't know if I can tell no lies
Bm E
Somethin' I can't do
Bm E
Is it really better to love a wasted fool
Bm E
Or someone who would never love you back
Bm E Bm E
I'm no stranger to bad love and I guess I've got the knack

D F#
I was confused I was lonely
I was down on my knees
D F#
But I won't say I'm sorry
Bm F#
No I won't even say please
N/ C Bm
When the bottle hits the floor

I been down this road before
Don't wanna walk this way again
And I don't really want to trust the girl
Who said she was my friend
Your long legs lead up to heaven girl
I'd love to die for you
Please or please just tell me one more lie
And I'll pretend it's true


Stare into my looking glass
The label holds my eye
Girl your picture tells a millions stories
And it comes as no surprise
All those words you spoke to me
Lying there in bed
Tell me was that your cheap trick
To get inside my head


Other verses and choruses are the same. Jam part is just Bm to E
Great tune. Rippin' Guitar solo. Enjoy!!

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