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You Dont Understand Me Roxette

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Roxette – You Dont Understand Me
You Don't Understand Me

Words & music: Per Gessle & Desmond Child
Published by Jimmy Fun Music Music

I've been up[C] all night, You've been putting[D] up a fight
Seems like nothing[Em] I say gets through[C]
How did this[C] bed fit a world[D] between me and you[Em]
We said[C] goodnight but the silence[D] was so thick
You could cut[Em] it with a knife[C]
We've hit[C] a wall again and there's nothing[D] I can do[Em]

[Gm] You're the one[A#] yea I've put[F] all my trust[C] in your hands[A#]
C'mon look[F] in my eyes[C] here I am[ A# F] here I am[Gm]

You don't understand[A#] me[C] my baby[ F C]
You don't seem to know[A#] that I[C] need you so much[ F C]
You don't understand[A#] me, my[C] feelings
The reason[F] I'm breathing[Gm] my love

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