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Poets Of The Fall – Roses
Em C G D * 2

---Verse 1 (melody variant 1):
Em            C               G                D
I've walked the distance, I paid my dues and tried to have a Go
         Em            C  G       D
At what I thought I knew was real, held no appeal
Em           C                 G                 D
I've been to places, I've seen the tidings, I bought a book of rules
         Em             C      G D
For every coin that I could steal

---Verse 2 (melody variant 2):
   Em    C    G    D     Em  C  G           D
And so I came to gaze upon the stars, when they were yet unborn

   Em   C     G     D      Em C        G        D
And consequently, tear at my old scars, and the mask I had outworn

Em         C    G     D
So when I'm crying alone
Em           C      G  D
Yeah, when I'm cold as a dying stone

Em      C     G   D
Grow me a garden of roses
Em          C      G    D
Paint me the colors of sky and rain
Em        C          G   D
Teach me to speak with their voices
Em       C        G   D
Show me the way and I'll try again

---Instrumental (as intro)

---Verse 3 (melody variant 1):
I've heard the rumors, started fires, I sowed a sordid lot of plays for keeps for what I
Behold the demons that I freed
I've tried my best at wearing the hard hat, but healing doesn't seem to happen when you
Away the seed

---Verse 4 (melody variant 2):
And so I came across the medicine man, and he showed me what I'd forlorn
For if I'm stayed it happens by my own hand, and my own voice full of scorn



---Middle eight:
D  Em          D       C
Without you I'm nothing at all
D   Em           D      C     D
And life has the face of a morbid game
   Em            D    C
With you nothing is impossible
   D         Em        C   Em
It all seems to fit the frame


---Chorus * 3 with fade on the last one

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