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Brompton Oratory Nick Cave

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Nick Cave – Brompton Oratory
Brompton Oratory

By Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  (The Boatman's Call album)

C            Am
   Up those stone steps I climb
Dm                G
   Hail this joyful day's return
C                     Am
   Into it's great shadowed vault I go
G#            Gm     F
   Hail the Pentecostal morn

C                    Am
   The reading is from Luke 24
Dm                 G
   Where Christ returns to his loved ones
C                 Am
   I look at the stone apostles
G#              Gm          F
   Think that it's alright for some

C                 Am
   And I wish that I was made of stone
Dm                G
   So that I would not have to see
C               Am
   A beauty impossible to define
G#              Gm      F
   A beauty impossible to believe

C               Am
   A beauty impossible to endure
Dm                 G
   The blood imparted in little sips
C                  Am
   The smell of you still on my hands
G#                  Gm    F
   As I bring the cup up to my lips

C        Am
   No God up in the sky
Dm          G              C
   And no devil beneath the seaaaaa
   Could Do the job that you did, baby
G#            Gm    F
   Of bringing me to my knees

C               Am
   Outside I sit on the stone steps
Dm           G
   With nothing much to do
C           Am
   Forlorn and exhausted, baby
G#        Gm     F    G C
   By the absence of you

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