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I Got The Hoss Mel Tillis

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Mel Tillis – I Got The Hoss
Hey baby let me see your brand new saddle

Let's put that pretty thing up on my horse

Let's get it on real tight now

Cause we don't want you falling off

 G                     C
I got the horse and you got the saddle
 G                         D7
We like to ride side by side
    G                     C
Aw I got the horse and she got the saddle
 G                      D7          G
Together we're gonna ride ride ride

        C                  G
In the moonlight by the river
        D7            G
By the honeysuckle vine
          C                    G
We'll be riding peeping and hiding
         D7                G
Till we see the morning light

Repeat #2

Hey baby let's stop for a little while

I need to give my old horse a rest

And you know there ain't no use

In us trying to wear out your brand new saddle

Repeat #2

               C                 G
Hear the crickets singing softly
       D7                G
Never heard a sweeter sound
              C                  g
And you know crickets do their singing
         D7                   G
By just rubbing their legs around

Repeat #2

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