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Money Changes Everything Lauper Cyndi

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Lauper Cyndi – Money Changes Everything
Intro: C - F

  F         Am           F          G
1. She said I'm sorry babe I'm leaving you tonight
         Am          F       G
   I found some one new he's waiting in the car outside
        Am                   F
   Ah honey how could you do this we swore each other everlasting love
            Am              F
   She said well yeah I know but when we did there was one thing we weren't
   thinking of
         C      G      F
R: And that's money - money changes everything
   C    G      F
   Money - money changes everything
           G       F            C
   We think we know what we're doing that don't mean a thing
   F             Am            C
   It's all in the past now money changes everything

2. They shake your hand and they smile an they buy you a drink
   They say we'll be your friends we'll stick to you 'till the end
   Ah but everybody's only looking out for themselves
   And you say who can you trust I'll tell you it's just nobody elses

R: (Repeat twice)

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