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Johnson Jack – Poor Taylor
Jack Johnson
Poor Taylor Solo Riff

Tabbed by Julian Parris
[email protected]

This is pretty much as correct as you can get with the
Tabs that are online. If you have any suggestions, email

When playing, try to pick with a little funk -
Just like jack

(Jack playes with his guitar tuned down 50 cents, which
Is 1/4 step down, so, for example, the E string is actually
Inbetween D# and E)

// = slap
S = slide
B = hammer on
P = pull off

E -----------------------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------------------|
G -----------------------------------------------|
D -----------------------------------------------|
A ---1h3--//---1--1--1h3p1-----1--1--------------|
E --------------------------3---------0h1--//----|

E ------------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------------|
G ------------------------------------------------|
D --------------------1-1-1h3p1----1p0------------|
A --------1h2--2h3-//-----------3-----3p1---------|
E ---1h3---------------------------------0h1---//-|

E -----------------------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------------------|
G -----------------------------------------------|
D ------------------------------------1s3--3s5---|
A -----1-----1-----1-----1----1-1s3--------------|
E -1h3---1h3---1h3---1h3-------------------------|

E -----------------------------------------------|
B ----------------------4--4---------------------|
G ----------------------2--2---------------------|
D 5-5s3--2p0------------3--4---------------------|
A -----------------------------------------------|
E -----------0h1--//-----------------------------|

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