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Christmas Hanson

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Hanson – Christmas
Chords:         A    F#m   D   Dm6   E
[E        0     2    3    1    0
B        2     2    2    0    0
G        2     2    3    2    1
D        2     4    0    0    2
A        0     4    X    X    2
E        X     2    X    X    0]
X - means't strum that string
Underline under a letter means a tacet (play before lyrics)

Intro:A  F#m  D  Dm6

Part A:They're singing deck the halls
But it's not like Christmas at all
I remember when you were here
And all the fun we had last year

A             F#m
Part B chorus:Now the snow'sin'n, I'm watchin' it fall
D          E
All the people around, baby pleaseee
A               F#m
All the church bells in town, girl they're singin' our song
D          E
Oh happy sound, baby pleaseee

Repeat Part A
Repeat Part B (chorus)

Bridge/Solo:A  F#m  D  E

Repeat Part A
Repeat Part B Chorus

(regular chords the first line)
Now the snow'sin'n, girl I'm watchin' it fall
D          Dm6
All the people around, baby, baby, baby pleaseee
A         F#m
Baby pleaseee, baby pleaseee
D          Dm6
Im'm feelin' all alone, baby, baby, baby pleaseee

-Just repeat like that the rest of the song, it's awesome! Enjoy!!

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