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Father and Son Gamma Ray

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Gamma Ray – Father and Son
Intro (acoustic):

Bm | C | Bm | Cmaj7

Intro (rock):

B | A | G#m | A
B | A |  E  | F#

Bm                    G
Did you ever want to worry
Bm                    G
Did you ever want to have a doubt?
You wanted the best for me,
Somehow things went wrong.
And I tore us apart.

Bm                            G
Did you ever think it was so easy,
Bm                           G
Thought my time was running out
Tried it how I wanted to
Though you did not agree
But I was calling for you
C          G
Oh-oh for you
I was calling for you
 C        G        Bb     C
Calling, calling, calli - ing

D                  C
Father, you can't hide,
      G                 F
It's time to lose the pride - some day.
D                C         G           F   D
Take a look and see, I'm blue as I can be.

Bm                           G
In former days you made your own way,
     Bm                   G
You found on easy way of life.
But I'll be never satisfied
To work from nine till five.
     D               D Dsus2 Dsus4
I'm heading for more

I remember what you've said
But I know I won't regret
When I try to break the rules
     C            G          Bb       C
I'm searching for my way, my own wa - ay

 D                 C
Father, you can't hide
      G               F
Your feelings deep inside - oh no
  D               C
There's a better way
     G            F
For you and me today.

Bm | G | Bm | G
A  | G | D C | G A#

D                  Fsus4 G D                 Fsus4
I can't stand it anymore -  it's only you and me,
We have to talk and see.
                    Fsus4                   D
How things are gonna be, but all I want is peace
 D       Fsus4   G      A
Father! Father! Father! Ah...!


 A                G
Father, now it's time,
          D         Asus2
We ain't losin' our minds any more
     A             G   D                  F    Em
It seems so long ago, fate will bring us hope!

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