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Blowing In The Wind Dylan Bob

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Dylan Bob – Blowing In The Wind
Bob Dylan,Blowing in the wind
Ian. wigedout420@aol.com
 Bob plays it with a capo behind the 7th fret but it sounds good in any key.

Chords used are (G)( C)(D)
                 3  О  2
                 0  1  3
                 0  0  2
                 0  2  0
                 2  3  X
                 3  X  X

G        C            D        G
How many roads must a man walk down, Before you

C          G    G        C           D
Call him a man, How many Seas must a white dove

G               C             D             G
Sail before she sleeps in the sand, Yes and how

     C              D          G
Many times must the cannoballs fly before they're

C       G
Forever banned,

Chorus.  C            D         G              C
        The answer my friend  is blowin in the wind

              D             G
The answer is blowin in the wind

Harmonica refrain: C D G C  D G

        G        C           D         G
Yes and how many years can a mountian exist

             C             G            G
Befroe it is washed to the sea, Yes and how

     C              D      G
Many years can some people exist before

        C             D             G
They,er allowed to be free, Yes and how many

C           D            G
Times can a man turn his head and pretend

         C          G
That he just doesnt see

Chorus w/harmonica refrain

        G        C           D        G
Yes and how many time must a man look up

              C       G             G
Before he can see the sky,  Yes and how

     C         D       G
Many ears must one man have befor he can

C           D            G        C
Hear people cry, yes and how many deaths will

   D           G                   C
It take til he knows that too many people have

Have died

Chorus w/harmonica refrain

Thank you Ian

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