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Patricia The Stripper De Burgh Chris

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De Burgh Chris – Patricia The Stripper
F            A7
Dennis is a menace with his 'anyone for tennis?'
Dm F7
And beseeching me to come and keep the score.
A# A#m
And Maud say 'Oh Lord, I'm so terribly bored.
F Dm G7/D C7
I really can't stand it anymore.'
F A7
I'm going out to dinner with a gorgeous singer
Dm F7
To a little place I found down by the quay
A# A#m
Her name is Patricia, she calls herself Delicia
F Dm G9
And the reason isn't very hard to see.

C7 F A7
She says 'God made her a sinner just to keep fat man thinner
Dm F7
As they tumble down in heaps before her feet.
A# A#m
They hang around in groups like battle weary troops
F Dm G9
One can often see them queue right down the street.
C7 A# A7
You see Patricia (or Delicia) not only is a singer
Dm G7 C7
She also removes all her clothing for
A# C F A# F
Patricia is the best stripper in town.

F C7 F D7
And with a swing of her hips she started to strip
Gm C7
to tremendous applause she took of her drawers
F D7
and with a lick of her lips she undid all her clips
Dm C
and threw it all in the air - ev'rybody stared
A# A7
and as the last piece of clothing fell on the floor
F D7
the police were banging on the door
Gm C F A#
on a saturday night in nineteen-twentyfour.
F C7
Take it away boys.

F | D7 | Gm(7) | C7 | F | D7 | Gm C | F

C7 F A7
But poor Patricia was arrested and everyone detested
Dm F7
The manner in which she was exposed
A# A#m
Later on in court well everybody thought
F Dm G9
A summer run in jail would be proposed.
C7 A# A7
But the judge said 'Patricia, or may I say Delicia,
Dm G7 C7
The facts of this case lie before me case dismissed
A# C F A# F
This girl was in her working clothes.

And with a swing of her hips...
A# A7
And as the last piece of clothing fell on the floor
F D7
The police were yelling at the door
Gm C7 F F7 D7
On a saturday night in nineteen-twentyfour -
Gm7 C7 F F7 A# C7
On a saturday night in nineteen-twentyfour.
Oh yeah.

{G9 = xx0201}

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