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Danzig – Invocation
INVOCATION - standard [CD bonus track]
Transcription: Liam Wolfen Cullen, Ryq

Throughout the song, an Am chord is played, occasionally adding a C or E.
There is also a harmony chord ( -x-x-19-17-17-17- ).  Several tracks of
Voices and backtracked chimes embellish the hymnal feel of the song.

The demon comes but must be called
Comes to all the sleeping homes
He breaks the night and lifts their drones
Demon comes but must be called
The demon calls to me at length
Demon has no other strength
Except to end the stretching thighs
For those whose fate it is to die
The demon has but one mistake
He lingers where he should not stay
He should not stay but rather go
Demon has no soul
The demon has no soul of such
His breath is cold as winter's touch
His hair, the blackness of the night
Demon offers up his bite
The demon lives not life we know
He lives but is the never-born
His eyes are of the blackest coal
Demon has no soul
Many are the demon's face
And many are the forms he takes
Beware that you don't pleasure one
The demon comes to anyone

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