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Strange Street Affair Under Blue Buckley Tim

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Buckley Tim – Strange Street Affair Under Blue
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 16:45:01 -0500
From: Dann Butterfield
Subject: CRD: 'Strange Street Affair Under Blue' by Tim Buckley

Strange Street Affair Under Blue

From Tim Buckley, 1966

Verse 1:
G          Cm
Just for you with your open hands
F           G    D  G
Waiting for the touch of man
(G)                 Cm
Clutching with your blackened gloves
F      G    D  G
You try to capture all the doves
   G    D  G
That flee into
  Cm       G
The forest before you

Verse 2:
You wish to catch and cage me now
I wonder if you remember how
Hard it was to say the names
Of mirror dreams and cheated games
And on the wall
You framed your first lover

Verse 3:
Your form intrigues me with the glow
I'll remember you I know
Though I forgot to lock the chain
Around you with a prayer for rain
To bring the call
To drive you back into my bed

She turns away
Telling me to follow for a while
She waits

Cm       D
You'd be touched if you would touch
Cm        D
But you only reach and taunt
G       Cm
Will my taste stay grey and blue
F          G   D    G
If I try to turn from you

Listen to the song to find out how it goes.
The intro is just electric guitars over a G chord.
I could have tabbed it, but, oh well...

****submitted by Hirsch Freeman*****
**comments and corrections are****
**welcome at drumbo@geocities.com***

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