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If not for you Bob Dylan

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From: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 1995 00:30:45 -0400

SONG: If Not For You
FROM: All Things Must Pass Apple LP (1970)
ARTIST: George Harrison

If Not For You - Bob Dylan 1970

*Intro: G-D-C, G- D-C...

If Not For ( G) You ( D)(C) Babe, I couldn't even find ( G) the door ( D)(C)

I couldn't even ( G) see the floor ( D)(C) I'd be sad and ( Am) blue

If Not For You (G)( D)(C) (G)( D)(C)

If Not For ( G) You ( D)(C) Babe the night would see me ( G) wide awake ( D)(C)

The day would surely ( G) have to break ( D)(C) It would not be ( Am) new

If Not For You (G)( D)(C) (G)( D)(C)

If Not For You my sky ( G) would fall,

( D7) rain would gather too. ( G)

( C) without your love I'd be no-(G)-where at all, I'd be lost

( A7) If Not For You ( D7/ /)(Bm)*-picked from high to low-*

( D7) If Not For ( G) You ( D)(C) The winter would hold ( G) no spring ( D)(C)

Couldn't hear a ( G) robin sing ( D)(C) I just wouldn't have a ( Am) clue

If Not For ( G) You ( D)(C)

[repeat bridge and last verse; end with repeat of G- D-C chords]

Submitted by Bob McCarthy ([email protected])
Corrections welcomed (and fully expected)

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