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Blue Aeroplanes – Talking On The Other Phone
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 05:08:26 PDT
From: david smith
Subject: b/blue_aeroplanes/talking_on_the_other_phone.crd

Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes
Track: Talking on the otherphone

From the album Friendloverplane2
And the Boy in the Bubble E.P.

This song is pretty easy.  There is an acoustic guitar that
Plays an Em pattern all the way through.  Basically its Em with a
Your finger taken off the A string and then put back on, and then
Em with a high A note added (022200).  Listen to the track to get
The pattern right.  Occasionally it goes to a C for a bit, or
To a C and then a G.  It's really simple, just listen to it.

Tuning : EADGBe

* Chords *

Em    : 022000
C     : 332010
G     : 320003

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