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Oh Darling Beach Boys

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Beach Boys – Oh Darling
From: (Paul Rosin)
{Title: Oh Darling}
{St: Beach Boys}

[F]Before we met there must have been some other [A#]
[F]Like story book and fairy tale lover [A#]
[C]But in my life there's never been another
So perfect lo[F]ver

[F]Oh-ho darling[A#]
[A#]Now that I fou[F]nd you
[F]It's like a miss[A#]ing piece of puzzle has app[F]eared
[F]And now my dar[A#]ling
[A#]My love surr[F]ounds you
[F]And since you ca[A#]me into my life my love
[A#]Perfection's never ever been s[F]o near

[F]To love and to be loved is so inspiring[A#]
[F]And that's why every lover's so desiring
[C]Oh for love that seek and never tiring
[F]Always inspiring

Love like just like moon like glowing
[A#]Our love keeps grow[F]ing

{c: chorus}

[A#]Lying here with [C]you in the night[F]
[A#]Underneath the [C]heavenly sky[F]
[A#]Baby what a beau[C]tiful sight[F]
[F]Are you my darling?[A#]
[F]Bold me tight[A#]

{c: chorus}

{c: chorus}

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